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I'm pilates, Zoga and other movement forms instructor. I kindly invite you to my online and stationary classes. See you there! 

Know me better


Sport has accompanied me throughout my life. I tried many disciplines, but ice skating and roller skating had a special place in my heart. In my adult life I danced competitively Latin American. The training was very intense. Unfortunately, my passion was interrupted by an injury and surgery was necessary.

Pilates and specially selected modifications of yoga exercises helped me recover. Only the period after the injury made me realize how important conscious movement is.
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what you gain by practicing with me

Know the goals of my training

Increasing body awareness

Strengthening muscle groups

Relaxation and getting rid of tension

Improved mood and well-being


Everyone is the architect of his own happiness

Joseph Pilates

German athlete, creator of the Pilates exercise system. He was a very sickly child. He suffered from asthma and rickets. However, he did not give up and overcame his physical limitations by practicing bodybuilding and gymnastics [source: Wikipedia]



Article in T3 Magazine Poland issue 3/2024
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Online and stationary training

My classes

Pozycja 1 cennika

100 PLNsesja
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Pozycja 2 cennika

200 PLNmiesiąc
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Pozycja 3 cennika

300 PLNonline
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A word from my clients

Regina Filip

Life is a combination of various events, and mine brought the best person in my path in the form of Agnieszka Jankowska. She is the most competent and wonderful Zoga and Pilates instructor I have ever worked with on the health and condition of my body. Always prepared and giving 100%, but that's not all. He is able to listen with great attention to people and their needs and adapt classes to bring the best possible results. He approaches everyone with great respect and heart. Apart from that, she is a wonderful, joyful and positive person. I am grateful for her existence.

Regina Filip

Edyta Glinka

I have been practicing Zoga with Agnieszka for several months. Agnieszka conducts training professionally and with full commitment, you can see the effects of our cooperation, and the classes are pure pleasure - I sincerely recommend it!

Edyta Glinka

Angelika Barcewicz

Observing Agnieszka while conducting Zoga classes and participating in them is pure pleasure. The incredible energy of the classes remains in the body and mind long after they end. I take great pleasure in participating in online classes. As soon as I come to Warsaw, I will try to meet in real life. I wish everyone a leader so devoted to her passion.

Angelika Barcewicz

Elżbieta Bugaj

Agnieszka runs the best classes, which I can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone! Thanks to them, I strengthened my muscles and improved my posture. Equally important to me is the relaxation provided by such exercises, especially after a whole day in front of the computer. I am constantly very impressed with Agnieszka's knowledge and the way she conveys it.

Elżbieta Bugaj

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